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SHolet - a Saturday dish
SHolet - a Saturday dish

200 gramms a white string bean, 600 gramms a potato, 1 greater bulb, 600 gramms a beef from a chest part, 1 2 beef bones, on 1 tea-spoon Salts, ground sweet pepper and sugar, on a tip of a knife of black pepper

the String bean we shall wet at 12 o'clock. A potato we shall clear. An onion we shall clear and we shall cut cubes. The flown down string bean we shall put in big soteyinik. From above we shall distribute the onion cut by cubes and an integral potato. Meat and bones we shall put in the middle and we shall add the remained potato. We shall salt, ground sweet pepper, sugar and black pepper and we shall pour so much waters, that "O?OUOy contents soteyinika. An oven we shall warm up up to 180 degrees. We shall cover soteyinik with a foil, having strengthened on edges, and from above a cover. In an oven within approximately 30 minutes we shall finish sholet to boiling then we shall lower temperature to 100 degrees and we shall leave food for all night and till a Saturday dinner in an oven. Preparation sholeta is caused by an interdiction on job Saturday day and at the same time provides with nourishing food this day.

Israel - recepty
   Farshirovannaya a fish
   Vareniki s meat for soup
   SHolet - a Saturday dish
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   the Rice pudding
   Pasternakovyyi a pie

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